taking the north sea to lewisham 1


Coastal Ghosts and Winter Beach Parties.


I’ll be playing a gig in London on Sunday, December 3rd at The Art Cafe in Manor Park, Lewisham, London from 3pm onwards. It’s one of Linear Obsessional’s regular live showcases all thanks to the sterling efforts of Richard Sanderson.

My bit will consist of field recordings ranging from the angry North Sea pounding the bitter winter coast to the intimate confines of rockpools, with their mysterious clicks, dribbles and scrapes. This will all be layered with the sounds of various found objects, both naturally occurring and man made, looped and vibrated and scratched.


I’m travelling down on the train, so the amount of equipment used will be minimal, all fitting into one Stagg instrument case.

Can’t wait to see the other turns on the bill: Kathy Hulme, Blanc Sceol (consisting of Hannah White and Stephen Shiell), Dave Clarkson with Ruth Davies on electric cello and of course Hither Green Improvisers’ Group.


If you’re around, do pop in, although I’ve been informed that the cafe has a tin roof and can be a bit nippy, a tartan blanket with a flask of something hot is recommended. Luckily it’s a cafe, so thermos refills are available. Hell, there’s even been hushed mention of mulled wine!


Linear Obsessional


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